Mission, Vision & Core Values


To provide education, resources, and training for patients, caregivers, families, and healthcare professionals as it relates to early onset Alzheimer’s disease.


To educate in care and compassion for all impacted by early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Core Values

The values of the Gayle Wells Foundation for Early Onset Alzheimer’s & Care are based upon Gayle’s values of how she lived her life and these values will serve as the guiding principles of the organization:

Love – everyone needs love as it is the cornerstone upon which this Foundation was created

Generosity – no one will be denied services based upon their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or inability to pay

Encouragement – consistent support and reassurance

Trust – commitment to the care and protection of all

Integrity – adherence to our values and treatment of all with sincerity and honesty

Loyalty – we will walk this journey with you and not abandon you

Resilience – one’s spirit can still shine through despite hardship and stress