Church Spiritual Community

A church or spiritual community, can be a wonderful source of support for you and your loved one.  There are many church/spiritual communities that have specific programs designed to assist individuals and families that are impacted by Alzheimer’s.  Talk to your pastor or spiritual leader and let them know about the diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s.  Find out what types of support programs they may have available to assist you.  Let your friends in these communities know of the diagnosis as well.  Be sure to share with them the communication tips, and information on the progression of the disease, so that they can have some knowledge about how to interact with your loved one.

If you have not been part of a church or spiritual community, this could be a good time to reach out to a community that is close by.   Many times local churches and spiritual communities host caregiver conferences that provide invaluable sessions and information as you begin this journey.